2015/09/13 Sunday school in progress 学佛班进行中

2015/09/13 Sunday school in progress 学佛班进行中

a) 小学组 primary school group

老师在为小朋友讲。。。teacher is delivering a point...

another group with teachers sharing stories 老师在和小朋友分享故事。。。

Learn by coloring....小朋友通过绘画学习。。。

b) 青少年组 Teenagers group

青少年在分享 Teenagers are sharing their learning...

青少年玩团康teenagers interaction through games

c) 父母成长班 Parents upliftment class

小朋友在学习,父母也在加油 while children attending their classes, parents also get to improve their experience and skills through sharing...


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